Estimated sale price of your car

“Everything sells; it’s just a question of price.” Trust us and opt for our recommended sale price.

Estimated sale price of your car

“Everything sells; it’s just a question of price.” Trust us and opt for our recommended sale price.


Who’s the buyer behind the screen? What’s their real intention? Are they visiting to see my vehicle or my home? Am I really safe? When you sell with Iris AutoCenter, you don’t have to ask yourself these questions. Your vehicle is safe and you even more so.

Guaranteed payment

When should you hand over the vehicle documents? Why deliver the vehicle if the buyer hasn’t paid? Why would the buyer pay without the vehicle as security? Iris AutoCenter guarantees to deposit the sale amount into your bank account within 24 hours of the vehicle being delivered.

Time savings

Iris AutoCenter has made it possible to sell your vehicle without hassle. No more countless phone calls and emails, or meetings at ridiculous hours. You entrust us to sell your vehicle, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get the best price for it.

Money savings

All dealers say the same thing: they can guarantee you the best price for your vehicle. Our all-in option involves targeting private buyers directly, so there’s no middleman to claim a share of the final price . Because our commissions are lower than these dealers’ margins, we really can guarantee you the best sale price.

Iris AutoCenter offers two selling options

All-in option

  • A covered spot in our showroom.
  • Photos taken of the vehicle.
  • An advertisement published on our website, and on several other used-car websites.
  • Sales support.
  • A designated salesperson who sells your vehicle for you.
  • A full vehicle check-up including a top-up of consumables.

Immediate sale

As a leader in the auto sector, Iris AutoCenter has a network of dealers who will immediately buy back your vehicle at a fair price.

After appraising the vehicle, we will present it to the dealers and propose you the highest offer. How does that sound? Shortly afterwards, the money will go straight into your bank account.

Our commissions

Vehicle sale price incl. tax Commission incl. VAT – Check-up included

Up to 5.000€


Up to 5.001 from to 10.000€


Up to 10.001 from to 15.000€


Up to 15.001 from to 20.000€


Up to 20.001 from to 25.000€


Over 25.000€

On quotation

Additional service rates

Exterior clean


Interior clean


Exterior and interior clean


Technical inspection


Home pick-up or delivery of your vehicle: on quotation


How does the selling process work at Iris AutoCenter?

01. Valuation

An expert values the vehicle and determines its sale price.

02. Advice and choice of selling option

You choose the selling option that’s right for you.

03. Sale at the best price

We take care of the whole process of selling your vehicle.

04. Payment

The sale amount is paid into your bank account, minus any fees.

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