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Are you looking to
buy a used car?

The vehicles on offer have been treated with care. They’ve been put up for sale by private individuals as well as professional dealers.

We have a wide selection on display, with vehicles by all makes and for every budget.

Are you looking
to sell your car?

Iris AutoCenter offers the simplest, most cost-effective and safest way to sell your vehicle, and also get a good price for it. You can choose from the following:

Iris AutoCenter,
a one-of-a-kind showroom in Belgium.

Spanning 10,000 square metres, completely covered, fully secure and open seven days a week, the showroom is based on a straightforward concept: sellers entrust us with their vehicles and buyers do their shopping.
Iris AutoCenter handles the rest, from online advertisement to the financial transaction. Everything has been designed to make it easier for private individuals and dealers to buy and sell second-hand cars.

Our Story

At the time, I thought you could make an easy living by buying vehicles and immediately selling them again. So I gave it a go while I was still a student, but quickly discovered that it wasn’t that simple. Where were you supposed to keep the vehicle? How could you be sure of the sale price? Where could you show the vehicle to potential buyers? At home? (That was out of the question for my parents!) When should you hand over the vehicle documents? How could you be sure that the money would arrive in your bank account? Would I be safe?

That’s when I realised that selling your car wasn’t so straightforward.

o in 2013, I set up Iris AutoCenter, at just 23 years of age. Back then, my aim was to create a covered used-car market that provided a safe place to sell your vehicle. On the opening day, only five people wanted to sell their cars. After a few hours of waiting, three of them (private individuals) gave me their car keys and documents. They had neither the desire nor time to wait. So there I was, tasked with selling three vehicles with no experience in the sector.

I love a challenge, so I did all I could to sell these vehicles, as if they were my own. I already had the secure location; that was a good start.

During the selling process, I realised that there was nowhere for people to sell their vehicles to other private individuals by assigning the whole transaction, and doing so in a spirit of complete trust and goodwill. That’s where the idea for the “ALL-IN” consignment sale option came from.

But wait! When you create a system for consignment sales, you have to follow certain rules! And it’s these rules that make Iris AutoCenter so reliable. Without them, you’d run yourself into the ground!

People often ask me what makes me stand out from the crowd. The answer is simple: “Iris AutoCenter’s values: honesty, transparency and fairness.” Unfortunately, in this sector, such values are hard to find these days. For me, it’s vital to honour promises made to customers, even if it means going through a car dealership.

I had thus convinced individuals to sell their cars; now I just had to convince buyers. Having no experience in the auto sector, I decided to “sell” these values too, and in doing so restore trust. And that’s how it all started. After five years in business, more than 2,000 vehicles have been physically sold at Iris AutoCenter, and that’s just the beginning.

Lara Agostini – CEO

Why buy through Iris AutoCenter?

Warranty similar to a factory warranty

At Iris AutoCenter, you can take out a 1 to 3-year European warranty on the entire vehicle. Find out more

Full vehicle check-up

Every vehicle undergoes a full check-up by our mechanics, as well as a technical inspection.

Various types of bank loan

With car loans, balloon loans, 0% loans, 110% loans, leasing and renting for independent traders and companies – Iris AutoCenter takes care of everything and also offers excellent bank rates!

An expert opinion

Our team will give you the best possible advice. Buying a car is the second most important purchase for families. Bad advice will cost you dearly!

A wide selection of vehicles in stock

We have a permanent stock of over 250 vehicles to sell, with prices ranging from €1,000 to €100,000. There’s something for everyone.

Gold-standard service

At Iris AutoCenter, you come first. We’re all about customer satisfaction. As well as being available seven days a week, we spare no effort in providing service that’s both quick and outstanding.

High-quality cars

The cars on offer at Iris AutoCenter have been put up for sale for reasons unrelated to the vehicle itself: they may be company cars, the owner might be relocating abroad, or perhaps they’re no longer needed because they’ve been replaced. Basically, they’ve been treated well right to the end.

Quick buying process – Delivery in 24 to 48 hours

Are you smitten with one of our vehicles? Our team will do everything they can to deliver it to you in 1 or 2 business days.

Trade-in of your vehicle at the very best price

Thanks to our all-in selling option, we can offer an unbeatable trade-in price for your vehicle. Visit our showroom for a detailed offer.

Why sell through Iris AutoCenter?

Iris AutoCenter offers two selling options: the all-in option and immediate sale. Leave it to us! We can guarantee you a quick sale at our recommended price.


If you go through Iris AutoCenter, you can be sure your vehicle is safe and you even more so.

Guaranteed payment

Iris AutoCenter guarantees to deposit the sale amount into your bank account within 24 hours of the vehicle being delivered.

Time savings

In theory, you pay to assign a task. At Iris AutoCenter, you entrust us to sell your vehicle and get even more than if you’d sold it yourself!

Money savings

Iris AutoCenter’s commissions are lower than dealers’ margins, so we can guarantee you the best possible sale price.

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