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Legal warranty

Since 1 January 2005, the professional seller of used cars has been obliged, at the time of each sale to a private person, to provide a guarantee of at least 1 year on any defect of conformity that would exist at the time of delivery of the vehicle.

Legal Warranty Federauto

The duration of the guarantee is at least 1 year and is divided into 2 periods.

During the first 6 months of the total guarantee period:
Any defect, which has not been brought to the attention of the buyer being revealed during this period, is supposed to have already existed at the time of delivery (unless the seller provides proof to the seller) and will have to be supported by this one. In practice, any defect, other than those attribuable to wear and tear or osbolescence, will have to be taken over by the seller if he does not prove that they are due to a cause other than the condition of the vehicule (accident, external cause, misuse,etc.)

After the first 6 months:
The seller has no obligation to repair defective parts on the vehicle he has sold, he only has if the buyer provides evidence that the defects that occurred during this period already existed at the time of the delivery or are the consequance of the condition of the vehicle at this time.

During the total warranty period:
Warranty interventions must be performed in the vendor’s shop or an autorized workshop. With the prior consent of the seller, the buyer can perform the repair in another mechanical workshop. Repairs can be made using used parts. However, if used parts were not avaible and it was necessary to use new parts, the buyer would theoretically have to intervene in the repair costs given the added value of the vehicle. In case of immobilization or non-enjoyment of his vehicle, the loan of a replacement vehicle or other form of compensation for the customer is not provided for by the conventional guarantee of FEDERAUTO.

Important: the guarantee is linked to the sales contract and exists only between the seller and the buyer. It’s not transferable in the case of resale to a new buyer.

Iris Auto Center Legal Warranty

Belgian law does not provide a guarantee when a second-hand vehicle is sold between individuals. However, Iris Auto Center offers you the possibility of taking out a one-year warranty on the vehicle.

You just bought a used car? Congratulations!
For your peace of mind, subscribe to our guaranteed insurance and ride without any unforeseen incidents for 1 year!

Iris Auto Center, in partnership with REAL GARANT, offers you the possibility of taking a guarantee insurance on your vehicle. Fares start from 550 € including VAT and vary according to the age, the mileage and the power of the vehicle.

Also opt for the breakdown assistance option, it covers the reparation of the vehicle throughout Europe and the provision of a replacement vehicle.

From now on, you can buy a second-hand car from private to private without any fear! Guarantees can also be extended to two or even three full years.

You can choose between the PREMIUM PLUS warranty which covers in particular certain spare parts, such as: engine, gearbox, differentials, transmission, steering, brakes, fuel supply system, electrical installation, electric comfort accessories, cooling system, exhaust system, security system, air conditioning,…
Or the ELITE guarantee which is similar to the factory warranty.
All breakdowns are covered except those involving parts specifically identified as excluded. These are mainly normal wear parts, consumables, or parts scheduled for replacement periodically.

In addition to 100% refunded labour, no deductible will be claimed up to 140,000 km for the change of parts.

And the best in all this? Your vehicle can be repaired by your dealer.

We have the solution for you, so you can buy a second-hand vehicle without any hassle!

For more information, please contact one of the Iris Auto Center employees.

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